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DIY Rustic Box

Hello again! The Spring is almost here, well actually not for everyone (sorry Australia) but for those of you who live in Northern Hemisphere – happy Springtime! So spring cleaning is pretty essential part of the Spring but why not give a new and rustic touch to your rooms with some new design elements, such as DIY boxes. If you live in Estonia or anywhere else in Northern Europe you know that tangerines are super popular fruits in Christmastime and that they are often packaged into small wooden boxes. One of these boxes is the one that we used for our DIY box project. And honestly there’s only one thing that you have to do – paint it!

We used black acrylic color that can be used for canvas metal, wood, wall etc. You can choose whatever color you like but we went with simple yet sophisticated black. It is from an Italian company called Maimeri and the color’s precise name is Carbon Black. By the way, we looked from H&M’s website that they offer wooden boxes that look a little similar to the one we made but H&M offers them from 14,99 euros while ours didn’t even cost a half of that price – wooden box itself was “free” since it is actually just packaging and acrylic color cost about 5 euros. So you can achieve an awesome look and practicality for very cheap price and by recycling. You can use this box as storage box or also for growing your own windowsill herbs. We’re sure it’ll look great!


Why Blogging is Freaking Hard and DIY Jute Rope Coasters

Hi! Yes, YOU there! Nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by!

So this has been the first week of 2017 when we missed one of our publishing day’s. First of all, we’re sorry. It’s kind of hard to keep on posting when there aren’t many readers or engagement on blog. If you’ve ever had a blog you probably know what we’re talking about. Yeah, sometimes it’s hard to find motivation… But like Darren Rowse has said-“If you have just one reader and your blog changes their life your blog is big enough.”

DIY today is pretty self explanatory – you just have to hot glue sisal rope to a spiral and then you have awesome and rustic coasters. Very easy, it probably the easiest and most nailed Pinterest projects we’ve done so far. Do we recommend doing it? Absolutely!

Have a nice one!

What You should do with $10?

Aren’t we all sometimes wasting our money on things that have no practical use or reason? Like that phone case that is shaped like a real banana or that golf course for your bathroom. That last one actually sounds pretty entertaining… Anyway, today’s post is something interesting and different even to Pinterest because we found so few DIY-s about Picture Frame Clocks that we even felt embarrassing on behalf of Pinterest. So we’re here to fix that mistake.

By the way it is relatively easy to make Picture Frame Clock, which made it even weirder that no one really do these, considering they look really beautiful and artsy. And in case you’re wondering, yes, it should only costs you up to $10, if you make a medium-sized clock. It will of course cost you 2 or 4 times more if you want to make a HUGE clock! You can also use an old picture frame and in that case the whole project would cost you only few dollars.

So the things you’ll need are:

  • Picture Frame
  • Quartz Clock Movement Mechanism Kit (Buy from Amazon, Ebay etc)
  • Cardboard
  • Handmade Decorative Paper


  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Super Glue
  • Ruler or Tape Measure
  • Pencil

1. Take the picture frame and remove its pack and glass part, you won’t need them. Take a cardboard and cut it out in the shape of the frame. It has to fit to the place where glass and pack part were before. Apply glue to one side of the cardboard with glue stick.2. Put the decorative paper to the glued side of cardboard, be careful not to break the paper. Next turn cardboard to the side that doesn’t have the decorative paper.
3. Set the cardboard into the frame and fixate it with frame’s metal clips.
4.  Measure out and mark the center of the cardboard with ruler and pencil. Poke a hole to the center carefully and make it big enough for clock movement mechanism.
5. Put some super glue to the edges of the hole (not too close to the actual hole though) Place the clock mechanism to the right place and stick the pointy part through the hole.6. Place and assemble the clock movement mechanism as showed on the package (usually mechanism is fixed with a nut and then clock hands are pointed to 12 o’clock, after that you can set the correct time).

It might seem like a lot of work but actually it isn’t! It took us only 10 minutes to make this clock, so you should try to make it yourself too! Perfect for your own home and also as a (housewarming) gift.


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DIY Braided Headphones

Do you own a pair of headphones? If you have a smartphone and aren’t centuries old you’ll probably own at least one pair. And we all know what’s the biggest inconvenience related to headphones (though you Apple lovers don’t have it anymore)-it’s tangled headphone cords! But wait, there’s a solution-you can braid your headphones so that they’ll never ever will be tangled again. You could of course buy yourself a pair of non-tangling headphones but that’s so depersonalized and well simply boring. And besides you already own a pair of problematic headphones anyway.

So all you really need are-

  • headphones
  • embroidery floss
  • scissors.

  1. So firstly, wrap embroidery floss around the top of your headphone cord and then tie a knot.
  2.  Now you’ll start doing Chinese staircase pattern to your cord. Start by making a number 4 with your floss. You have to bring the string over the top of your cord to make a 4.
  3.  Take the rest of your floss and wrap it underneath the cord and through the loop. Then just pull your floss up and tighten it around your headphone cord.

By doing these steps the staircase pattern should emerge by itself. Repeat the steps until all 3 cords are braided. You have to make all 3 cords separately, in case you were wondering. You can click here and see even easier explanation how to make Chinese staircase pattern if this instruction was too difficult to understand.

Your skills of braiding will improve with time. The cord on the right is from the beginning and the left one is made later. Just make sure to tighten it around the cord really tightly then it will look more beautiful. And finally, it was pretty relaxing to make this braided headphone but braiding will take about 2-4 hours so it’s reasonable to make it over couple of days.


DIY Toilet Paper Roll Wreath

Do you have a large family? No? Well, when you would have, you would know how many piles of laundry, dishes and also garbage comes in relation to having a big family. It might be TMI but also (toilet) paper rolls build up over time and they seem really useless so we throw them away. But this time we tried to be a little more creative with them and through that show some respect to the Earth since paper is made of wood after all. So we were driven by the concept of “SAVE THE TREES”, which is a great idea no matter what! But sometimes great ideas and intentions don’t exactly deliver the outcome that you had in your mind at the start. And that is exactly what happened this time.
We saw many interesting craft ideas with toilet paper rolls on Pinterest but all the ideas seemed kind of dumb. Lastly we decided to make a wreath. Weird idea, isn’t it? Where or why would we ever use a Wreath that is made of toilet paper rolls?! Well too bad that we didn’t think about it before we started making it! 😀 Now it just collects dust on the shelf. Honestly it seems like toilet would be the only room that it would suit, so back to where it belongs (haha). The Circle of Life!

So here are some beautiful photos of wreaths that we took as our examples-

via Pinterest


via Pinterest

And here is ours-

It looks kind of okay (right?) and is pretty easy to make by just glueing together with hot glue gun but it is pretty useless. So we guess it wasn’t a fail but not a success either. Mediocre would be the perfect word to describe it.

We’ll be back on Friday with new post so make sure to come back then!

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