Hi everyone!

Our New Year started indeed really typically – we got sick. Coughing, stuffy nose, headache, fever etc – it was even hard to wake up from bed and do something simple like cooking or cleaning up.

I decided to bake something good to make others at least a little bit happier, that was just before when I too started to feel sick. Now I understand why people should not bake anything when they are sick – I forgot the cake to oven for too long, so the edges of it got a little bit burned. It was not good  to eat it in that condition but luckily I got an idea – I should make rum balls.

Rum balls are sweets that resemble to truffles but  are made of cookies or cake, cocoa and rum. They are popular Christmas treats in England, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary and Czech Republic, according to Wikipedia. Rum balls are consumed all year round in Denmark and they are called rumkugler there. They are consumed year arond also in our homeland Estonia and here they are called rummikoogid. Rum balls were originally made of leftover cakes or from cakes that came out poorly. They say that when life gives you lemons make lemonade but I say – “When cake comes out bad, make yourself some rum balls”. It sounds tacky but it is great thing to remember. Every fail leads to success in the end! 🙂

We make our rum balls with rum essence instead of real rum since our family does not consume alcohol. There is a product link to rum essence that is similar to the one we use at the lower part of this blog post.

For 20 rum balls you will need –

1 pack (400 grams) cake base (you can use cookies instead)

180 grams butter

4 tablespoon cocoa powder

rum essence

about 3 tablespoons sour cream or greek yoghurt

coconut flakes for decorating


Crumble cake or cookies to smaller pieces and then crush them to tiny crumbs in food processor or even in blender. Mix cocoa powder with cake crumbs. Melt butter and pour it to the crumbs. Add rumm essence according to your taste. Ideally it should have quite strong rum taste. Add as much sour cream as you need for the dough to be moldable and not crumbling anymore. Form dough into golf ball sized balls and decorate them by rolling in coconut flakes. Leave to fridge for at least 2 hours before eating.