Do you have a large family? No? Well, when you would have, you would know how many piles of laundry, dishes and also garbage comes in relation to having a big family. It might be TMI but also (toilet) paper rolls build up over time and they seem really useless so we throw them away. But this time we tried to be a little more creative with them and through that show some respect to the Earth since paper is made of wood after all. So we were driven by the concept of “SAVE THE TREES”, which is a great idea no matter what! But sometimes great ideas and intentions don’t exactly deliver the outcome that you had in your mind at the start. And that is exactly what happened this time.
We saw many interesting craft ideas with toilet paper rolls on Pinterest but all the ideas seemed kind of dumb. Lastly we decided to make a wreath. Weird idea, isn’t it? Where or why would we ever use a Wreath that is made of toilet paper rolls?! Well too bad that we didn’t think about it before we started making it! 😀 Now it just collects dust on the shelf. Honestly it seems like toilet would be the only room that it would suit, so back to where it belongs (haha). The Circle of Life!

So here are some beautiful photos of wreaths that we took as our examples-

via Pinterest


via Pinterest

And here is ours-

It looks kind of okay (right?) and is pretty easy to make by just glueing together with hot glue gun but it is pretty useless. So we guess it wasn’t a fail but not a success either. Mediocre would be the perfect word to describe it.

We’ll be back on Friday with new post so make sure to come back then!