Aren’t we all sometimes wasting our money on things that have no practical use or reason? Like that phone case that is shaped like a real banana or that golf course for your bathroom. That last one actually sounds pretty entertaining… Anyway, today’s post is something interesting and different even to Pinterest because we found so few DIY-s about Picture Frame Clocks that we even felt embarrassing on behalf of Pinterest. So we’re here to fix that mistake.

By the way it is relatively easy to make Picture Frame Clock, which made it even weirder that no one really do these, considering they look really beautiful and artsy. And in case you’re wondering, yes, it should only costs you up to $10, if you make a medium-sized clock. It will of course cost you 2 or 4 times more if you want to make a HUGE clock! You can also use an old picture frame and in that case the whole project would cost you only few dollars.

So the things you’ll need are:

  • Picture Frame
  • Quartz Clock Movement Mechanism Kit (Buy from Amazon, Ebay etc)
  • Cardboard
  • Handmade Decorative Paper


  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Super Glue
  • Ruler or Tape Measure
  • Pencil

1. Take the picture frame and remove its pack and glass part, you won’t need them. Take a cardboard and cut it out in the shape of the frame. It has to fit to the place where glass and pack part were before. Apply glue to one side of the cardboard with glue stick.2. Put the decorative paper to the glued side of cardboard, be careful not to break the paper. Next turn cardboard to the side that doesn’t have the decorative paper.
3. Set the cardboard into the frame and fixate it with frame’s metal clips.
4.  Measure out and mark the center of the cardboard with ruler and pencil. Poke a hole to the center carefully and make it big enough for clock movement mechanism.
5. Put some super glue to the edges of the hole (not too close to the actual hole though) Place the clock mechanism to the right place and stick the pointy part through the hole.6. Place and assemble the clock movement mechanism as showed on the package (usually mechanism is fixed with a nut and then clock hands are pointed to 12 o’clock, after that you can set the correct time).

It might seem like a lot of work but actually it isn’t! It took us only 10 minutes to make this clock, so you should try to make it yourself too! Perfect for your own home and also as a (housewarming) gift.


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