Every human has an inner child, right? Well, when we were surfing on Pinterest some months ago there was that Galaxy Slime pin floating around everywhere. We instantly were curious if it would really come out as gooey and beautiful as in that pin. But somehow we always postponed doing it, since it seemed really stupid idea, until I saw it again on Pinterest a week ago. And then 6 days ago. And then 5 days ago. And then 4 days ago … It just continued to show up on our Pinterest feed. So finally, we gave in and tried it ourselves.

It isn’t that complicated DIY in reality and you’ll only need Elmer’s Glue, glitter, food color and starch. We used pink color, since it was available in our home at the time.

Firstly, that dough was so sticky that it almost glued our fingers together, so we instinctively added some more starch. And some more, until it was non-sticky. But as you might already imagine, it didn’t come out as slime. Even worse- it didn’t come out as GALAXY slime. However, we did discover great homemade Playdough recipe, almost  identical to commercial one.

So Finally, if you want  to make galaxy slime, then this recipe might not be the one for you. However, this post is not meant to throw shade towards anyone. The objective of this post and other posts on this blog are to entertain.