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DIY ombre t-shirt fail

Hi everyone! To new readers we are Marta and Carl, brother and sister, and we both like doing crafts, but for us the projects tend not to come out as they look on Pinterest or other sites. So here, on this blog we try out different D.I.Y projects from homemade sweets to Ombre T-shirts, which is todays post, to see if we would nail or fail them. So hopefully you’ll have fun reading the blog! ūüôā

As you might already saw from the first picture, this D.I.Y project is a fail. But for our defence this was our first time dip dyeing. But now lets see the process from the beginning.


Firstly, you will need plain white t-shirt made from 100% cotton. Our ¬†t-shirt costed about 4 US dollars or 3 euros and was from basic clothing shop. You’ll find it from anywhere even from internet. You’ll also need a fabric dye.

As we like to support local companys, we chose a dye from Vello Laumetsa v√§rvikoda (Vello Laumets’s Colour Chamber). We picked fabric dye called ‘Leaf green’ but any colour of your choice should fit also. Unfortunately they don’t sell their dyes online at this moment, but you can choose any fabric dye from here:


For the next step you’ll need a bamboo barbecue stick to roll upper part of shirt and its sleeves on it…


…like that! Make sure to use pegs to fix the shirt as you can see on picture above.

Prepare your fabric dye according to the instructions on package. Ours was supposed to be dissolved in 700 ml of hot water but do as your instructions say.


Now the fun and mess will start, because it’s time to start dyeing! But before you start with it, please change your clothes to something that you wont want to wear out anymore, because dye can (and probably will) drop on your clothes. I started the process with wearing one of my best shorts and I almost ruined them. Luckily the dye came off of them but trust me, you DON’T WANT TO risk with it! ūüėČ

So after that step let the shirt dry outside for at least 6 hours. Then you have to wash off the excessive dye. That’s the part when things started going down hill for us very quickly. We hoped to have ombre shirt that would have white part on upper section of shirt, just like on the example from J.Crew, but nope, it ALL blended together. The upper part still came out lighter than the down part which we actually liked a lot.

DIY ombre t-shirt

So there you have it- D.I.Y Ombre t-shirt, kind of fail, but on the other hand also a nail. It didn’t come out as we hoped but it’s still awesome as it is. Nevertheless it’s worth a try!

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Photos via nellie bellie, via DESIGNED DECOR, via www.astucesdefilles.com, via Ready to Take on the World, via www.livemaster.ru, via BudgetLightForum, via mommypotamus and via The Bean Sprout Notes. Links under the photos.

Old t-shirts that pile up over the years are pretty useless, aren’t they? But there are many-many ways to recycle them. So here are 8 nifty ideas of things you can make from old t-shirts.

via mommypotamus

This tote bag project is so easy, that ¬†it can be completed in only 10 minutes! Just cut out the neckline and the sleeves of a shirt, then cut equal-sized strips to the bottom of the shirt, tie them together and …you’ve got yourself a new tote bag. Just don’t forget that t-shirt should be turned inside out when you’re tying the strips together. But if you like a bag that has some strips tangling¬†at the bottom, then go ahead. It will sure look very unique. This tote bag will bring shopping ¬†to another level of green, because you will have your own handmade recycled tote bag! Plus there’s no sewing involved!

Why should dog leash¬†look so boring and bland? Well ¬†actually it doesn’t have to be! This project can be done with many different materials but old t-shirts are just perfect for it. Braiding the leash isn’t difficult at all and when it appears to be too short then you can¬†lengthen it by making another leash and tie them tightly together. Just make sure that it’s strong enough before walking your dog, otherwise she might break it.

Isn’t it a lovely and clever idea? To make this pattern on your black t-shirt all you need is some white textile paint and a stencil with circles, which you can cut out yourself too. I almost forgot that you’ll also need a soft paintbrush. And of course, if you’re afraid to paint the moons by yourself, then ask help from your more artsy friend. ūüôā

Classic quilt in even cooler form because it’s made of old t-shirts. It’s really effective, isn’t it? Completion of this project might take a long time because you have to sew all the pieces together. ¬†It’s worth it though, because you’ll have so comfortable and cozy blanket nobody else in the world woud have!

There are only several things you’ll need to do this colourful pattern on your t-shirt:

  • tape;
  • aerosol fabric colours
  • and of course – white t-shirt.

Everything about this project seems really-really simple until the time comes to spray the paint. Nothing disastrous will happen if you’ll do it very carefully but I would recommend to do it outside and on windless day, just in case. Oh, and don’t forget to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Fabric colours stain pretty heavily.


This amazing carpet project is meant for more experienced craft lovers because it will take more time and effort to finish this carpet than other projects on this list. Nonetheless it’s very awesome and worth a try. It also seems like a great stress relief activity ūüôā But before you start with this project make sure you’ll have plenty of old and useless t-shirts at hand because you’ll need a lot of them. And don’t forget, completing this carpet takes also a lot of time!

These cute coasters are made of recycled material – old t-shirts – like almost all of the other projects on this list. In addition to being very eco-friendly, they are also extremely easy to make. So you’ll kick not two but even three birds with one stone – these coasters are cute,¬†environment friendly and easy to make.

Handmade pillowcase that looks great and is pretty simple to make. Quirky and unique amongst other basic pillows. Try it yourself! Oh, and this is sewing project.

Please leave comments on what diy ideas are you interested to see on this blog later on.

Have a good one!

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