Our first DIY project is something that we found while browsing (yes, you probably guessed it 🙂 on Pinterest. The first thing we thought was: “Wow, we’re going to fail. This will never work!” So, here is our very first step-by-step blog post! Original recipe is from amazing blog wholelifecooking.com. Be sure to check it out too!

There were only four ingredients – 

5 packs of Jello powder (we used rasberry flavoured), 

2 packs of powdered gelatine,

1,5 litres of water and

and of course one small or medium watermelon.

Firstly, we scooped out the flesh of the watermelon.

 It should look something like this.

 We dissolved gelatine with boiled water

and then added all of the Jell-o powder into the mix.

We poured the mix into the watermelon “shell”.

This was the most difficult step because we were scared that all of the Jell-o mix would spill on the ground. And yes, some of it did, when we were putting it to refrigerator to harden. So be really careful because cleanup will be really sticky 🙂

We let the watermelon Jell-o to harden for overnight

And then came the moment of truth 🙂

Cutting the Jell-o was a little bit messy 

but very funny.

So, here’s how it looked like. This recipe would probably

 have worked even without gelatine powder.


Nailed it! 😉 

Try it yourself and you won’t regret it.

This photo (on the left)  is from www.wholelifecooking.com

Watermelon Jell-O :